Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's May..

And so, it's May already. I am always lamenting that time flies too fast, but on the other hand, I'm quite an expert at procrastinating too. Haha.

The past month had been quite exciting. The most memorable thing would be the korean pop band group CNBLUE's concert here in Singapore. It was my first time watching a korean pop concert live. It seemed like I was being transported back to my teenage days, screaming like any fangirl and waving lightstick throughout the concert. But I must say that I really enjoyed it a lot, and it was a fabulous concert put up by CNBLUE. I am proud to say that I'm a CNBLUE fan. :D

Because of work, I attended the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Chinese Orchestras for 4 days. Besides the fact that I had to listen the same set pieces for over 60 orchestras, I do felt that the performing standards of school orchestras nowadays have improved tremendously, compared to the days while I was still a student (i.e. more than 10 years ago). There have been debates over the restructuring of the grading system and the unexpected result outcome this year, but in my humble opinion, the essence of the competition is to push the participants beyond their limits, rather than being too obsessed with results. The restructured grading system does not do justice to the participants and the instructors, neither does it truly define the purpose of the so-called 'presentation'.

On a lighter note, things had been going nicely for the past month. There had been quite a number of meet-ups with old friends and ex-colleagues. I admit that I don't really take the initiative in organising meet-ups, so I am grateful for my other friends for doing so. Haha.

And there is a tulip-mania going on this month at the Gardens By The Bay, so I had to say hi to my favourite flowers. :) Ending this post with some photos of the beautiful tulips. :)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Happy 40th birthday, NUSCO!

NUS Chinese Orchestra celebrated its 40th anniversary last Friday, 29 March 2013, at Singapore Conference Hall, putting up its annual concert, titled 'Reminiscence 三月天 - 《溯》'.

It was kinda amazing, to think that I've been part of this orchestra for a decade. The journey started in 2002, when I joined in as a guest player, while I was still a JC student. It was a real great deal to me then, because it was a different experience performing with a more mature orchestra compared to the usual school orchestras. The repertoires were of course, more challenging, but I always find them exciting. I enjoy being part of the progression from figuring the pieces from scratch to the orchestra coming together seamlessly performing a full length piece.

My last concert as a performer was in 2009, thereafter I switched to working backstage as a photographer. Things change, at times I still do miss playing the Erhu, but I am not sure if I would pick it up again and re-join as a performer. Perhaps I need more motivation to do so. Heh.

Nonetheless, every concert we have put up are memorable, even more so for the two overseas trips to Switzerland and Poland. I guess I won't trade in anything for the experiences I've gained from the orchestra.

Over these 10 years, I've got to know many wonderful seniors, my batch mates, and then the juniors. The graduates who are not so active in the orchestra now have evolved to be part of FSC - Friday Supper Club. The irony is, our gatherings are not always on a Friday, and yes there's always food in our gatherings, but not necessarily over supper. Haha. Our gatherings are always filled with laughter, especially when we bring up the hilarious past. These awesome friends are important to me, I guess I won't be who I am without them.

Thank you, NUSCO, for the wonderful memories. :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's March already!

Hi there!

Didn't realise that the last post was on last Christmas. Time flies, doesn't it?

So, what have I been up to lately? I did go back to the Philippines, to give a birthday surprise to the celebrants, Tricia and Papa Momoy. I must say it was a well-planned surprise, because nobody knew that I was coming, except for the 3 ladies in the house. :)

And coincidentally, just a ferry ride away, Ilo-ilo was celebrating its Dinagyang Festival. In conjunction with that, ASAP (a Filipino music-and-dance programme) was doing a live show there. Knowing that many of the good-looking faces would be there, well, more importantly, my Papa Piolo (!!), I went there and joined in the Dinagyang fiesta mood. Very much thanks to the relatives in Ilo-ilo, I've got a chance to witness the colourful Dinagyang Festival parade from the VIP area of the Freedom Grandstand. Not only that, a free ticket to the ASAP show bundled with police escorts. Haha!

And! Piolo was also holding his album mall tour there as well, do you think I would let go of that? :) The purchase of his latest album included an upclose blocked seating area, an autograph and a photo taken with him. Ah.. that was almost like a dream come true. Haha.

I guess that was really the highlight of the entire trip. :)

And then came the Chinese New Year. It wasn't a big affair for the family, most of the time was spent in the house. I was just plain unlucky to get gastric flu on the eve of the new year, I lost track how many times I had vomitted, and many of the new year goodies were out of limits. It was only till Day 3 that I could stomach some solid food and a small piece of my favourite bak-kwa and shrimp roll.

Before the trip to the Philippines, I had an ear infection, and I was panicking, worried that I couldn't take the plane. Thankfully it got better, and I had medications along the way. And then it came back just a few weeks back, thank god it was a mild one. I guess this year's wish should just be good health.

Other than that, I've been stuck at work, caught up in the aftermath of taking too many photos (it was a real headache to sieve through and edit hundreds of photos), meeting friends for meals, attending performances here and there.. Life still goes on the usual way.

And then what's up coming next? More performances (and photo-taking assignments), work, work, work.. Haha. Till then!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hello there again! Another long awaited post huh..

The 2-week long 'battle' was kinda an eventful one, as predicted. As much as I would love to rant, I still need to keep things confidential (and to protect my ass too). I just hope people realise that the examination is not something they can have it their own way anyhow.

I managed to squeeze in a short respite in Bangkok right after the 'battle'. Good to meet up with my Thai friends again. It has been 12 long years. :) I miss the (budget) shopping at Chatuchak market and Terminal 21 shopping mall. Love the cheap but awesome traditional Thai massage as well.

I guess the most unique experience was the chat with 2 local tour guides while having a cuppa coffee opposite the Grand Palace. They turned out to be Chinese-Thais who came from my father's hometown, Betong (South Thailand). A pity that I did not take a photo with them, perhaps my father might have known them.

And right after that I was back into the whirlwind of work again. But I guess the Christmas mood helped to relieve the stress a little. Been meeting with friends here and there as well, a good time reminiscing the past, a good time for laughter. :)

If time and money is not an issue, I would have flown to the Philippines to spend Christmas there. I still miss spending Christmas there. The entire atmosphere and mood is so different from here, too commercialised, sadly. Hopefully there will be another time I could spend Christmas there, and I definitely look forward to that.

But anyways, a very Merry Christmas to all, and to all my Pinoy friends in Bago City, Manila, here in Singapore, and in other parts of the world, Maligayang Pasko!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy 27th!

Without me realising, my birthday went past *shoo~!* just like that.

The past year has been good, not without the usual ups and downs, but thankfully there were no major crisis to wreck my life. Haha.

Grateful to have friends who have been there when I need them to, and I hope I've done the same for them. :) A high school senior once shared this meaningful quote with me, 'To be rich in friends, is to be poor in nothing'. Indeed.

Thank you, my close friends in NUSCO, who made me a new plush toy, a new friend for Mr Tofu. And we named him, Mr Yong Tofu. HAHA. (By the way, Mr Tofu is already 5 years old!) And of course, to all who have greeted me. I love ya all. Muacks. HAHA.

I don't have any grand birthday wishes, I'm just hoping that it will be a smooth-sailing year. Hmm, or maybe a Piolo coming into my life? HAHA. That's really a wishful thinking.

Happy birthday to me!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012








Sunday, September 09, 2012

I need a break

It has been an exhausting week. Stress level is up, sleepless nights are back. I have been trying my best, but there were still mistakes. And due to the nature of my work, there are too many pairs of eyes watching me, which add on to my stress level, and perhaps contribute a little to my depression. People might think too highly of me, but a superman I am not.

Sometimes, I have the thought of giving up. I'm entertaining that thought again tonight.

To be honest, I'm still lost. I still do not have a clear direction in life. With many of my friends moving towards their goals in life, I think I have been unprepared all along, and have thus failed in this aspect.

Yet somehow, my work (I don't call it a career) is not the main factor that defines who I am. Rather, it is my doings in the Philippines. I have no idea how to make that my career, but I hope it is not impossible to do so.

But for now, a good sleep is perhaps the best way to get rid of any negative thoughts, even if it might be temporary.